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new age

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Calm Commercial Project
Calm Commercial Project This is thoughtful, reflective, gentle and contemplative background track.Suitable for presentations, advertising, slide shows, videos, etc.
Starry night
Starry night The music describes the state transition from the normal routine of life to something new and beautiful, the feeling of freedom and beauty in the adoption of new state!
Rose Tea
Rose Tea Music is about a beautiful story with a happy ending with a gift in a romantic setting in a rose for tea
In the light of day
In the light of day The joy of sunlight could be felt only by one who was deprived of light, while in the prison of your inner world. Feel the joy of each day, each ray of light, may they give you light in the darkest hour when it seems that there is no hope and the purpose of life has been lost seemingly forever!
Sunrise the magic of freshness in the morning, the awakening of nature in the early morning, the beginning of a beautiful new day, rising sun
Epic New Age
Epic New Age Loud and mysterious track with light elements new age style.
Powerful Soundtrack WOM
Powerful Soundtrack WOM This grand composition is perfect for your soundtracks, commercials, games and websites.
Pestilence You entering the whole new world.
Ethnic Ambient
Ethnic Ambient Smooth and calm ambient track with enigmatic atmosphere. Suitable for advertising, promotional video, presentation, YouTube video, podcast, commercial, television, tutorial, slideshow, time-lapse, cinema, film and other.
Call Waiting
Call Waiting Energetic and slightly melancholic music full of synthetic sounds synth bass, drums, synth voices, beautiful arpeggios and air pades. This track can be used in any media projects. Thank you for paying attention!
 Night Flight  Airy And Melancholic Melody
Night Flight Airy And Melancholic Melody Piano, percussion and sound effects create a magical, airy, flowing melody for the background, love, meditation
Close Your Eyes Sentimental  Full of Love and Inspiration Music
Close Your Eyes Sentimental Full of Love and Inspiration Music Exquisite piano and strings combined with unusual sound effects create a beautiful, soft melody, perfect for romance, background, meditation, love
Everything Goes
Everything Goes Sentimental relaxing music. You can be sad, but can smile. Piano and electric guitars create a melodic duet. Perfect for memories, reflections, romance.
Autumn In the Heart  Melancholic and Sad Melody
Autumn In the Heart Melancholic and Sad Melody Beautiful sad memorable melody, an amazing combination of electric guitar, violin, electric piano and percussion, nostalgia and experiences
Nevermore Music of love and loneliness, a magic guitar and a great tune perfect for films about love, romance, relaxation, reflection
Wandering Music For Reflection and Travels
Wandering Music For Reflection and Travels Calm, exciting music for meditation, contemplation. Suitable for background, author's projects. Ideal for drama, adventure. Electric guitar and strings. Journey through your memories!
Again Lost Something
Again Lost Something Rhythmic and melodic track. Lyric piano and violin, a combination of a clear rhythm with a nice melody, perfect for movies, shows, catwalk, background.
new age clouds_Master
new age clouds_Master a nice score for a film calm inspiring melodies good vibrations and elegant arrengement crafted with care
new age lights_Master
new age lights_Master a nice score for a film calm inspiring melodies good vibrations and elegant arrengement crafted with care
new age clouds and angels_Master
new age clouds and angels_Master a nice score for a film calm inspiring melodies good vibrations and elegant arrengement crafted with care
new age arrival in cube_Master
new age arrival in cube_Master a nice score for a film calm inspiring melodies good vibrations and elegant arrengement crafted with care
industrial pulley_Master
industrial pulley_Master a nice score for a film calm inspiring melodies good vibrations and elegant arrengement crafted with care
industrial metallic balls_Master
industrial metallic balls_Master a nice score for a film calm inspiring melodies good vibrations and elegant arrengement crafted with care
Travel metalicous moon saturn space
Travel metalicous moon saturn space close your eyes and dream discovery channel will love it and intelligent mix of authentic rythms crafted with care ambient ethnic, deep forest, world ambient,worldbeat,world beat,
Travel magical river
Travel magical river a cool underscore crafted with care for many edits piano romantic, film score, tv series,Ambient music, modern classical, Energetic, Optimistic,
Psychedelic Retro
Psychedelic Retro Psychedelic track with strange sounds. Maybe it's someone who needs it? When you create a track used only synthesizers. I would be glad of any assessment. Thank you!
Cinematic new age
Cinematic new age Cinematic new age – slow electronic track perfect background for your project.
OPEN MIND Travel to an exotic country, among the mountains, and the tropics! Music for your soul!
LULLABY Lullaby for a girlfriend!
LAST BREATH Instrumental composition performed by an acoustic guitar in the style of new age
The eternal search
The eternal search Good for using in movies, series, and any other types of media. Can be used in documentaries about the existentialism of man, the secrets of the universe and other such projects.The muffled sound of percussion in combination with unusual and beautiful melody create an atmosphere of reverie and peace. We begin to realize that we are eternal beings.
The Anticipation Of Miracles
The Anticipation Of Miracles Atmospheric composition in style new Age, at a moderate pace in the beginning and a quick ending. Creates a mysterious, foreboding mood.The exact track used, pathetic, drums, stable but elastic bass, dotted, elegant string orchestra, neat guitars, many colors lapping synths, transparent piano.This music can be used, for example, in weather forecast. Or anywhere else.
Corporate Chill Out TV Advertisement
Corporate Chill Out TV Advertisement Corporate, motivational track subtle and sublime motives!
Main Page
Main Page New age romantic piano music that brings calmness, rest and hope to a tired hearts. Very romantic and sensual music.
FREAK ELECTRONIC Post-Hardcore Dancing song with a paranoiac sounds will damage you
BPM 260
Lyric electronic
Lyric electronic BPM 170
A very lyric chorus|scary verse
Modern Touching melody of classical instruments, with motivating reception
Relax logo
Relax logo A small fragment of the sound logo,
corporate advertising idea project
Strange night
Strange night The slow melodic music,
Use electronic instruments, synthesizers, bass,
Good background music to voice different projects
All about love
All about love Beautiful slow romantic music, used the piano, violin, solo electric guitar, electronic instruments for different use
Alien world
Alien world Slow music fantasy with a beautiful melody, electronic instruments, synthesizers transition party guitar solo, a good idea for the advertising or other sound, different goals
Stream of Consciousness
Stream of Consciousness A musical piece fitting for the soundtrack to the footage of nature, science fiction programs, relaxation and yoga sessions, meditation and self-discovery, audio books and television programs of various kind. The use of psycho-acoustics will enhance the receipt of information by the audience and will bring relaxation and peace to your audience.
Ancient Lands
Ancient Lands Cinematic composition done with the help of the innovative and unique Roland V-Synth XT synthesizer. The track will fit for the scientific fiction programs, movies, presentations and the audio books. The melody is the evolving landscape of the ancient.
Silver Blues
Silver Blues Original music score that fits the romantic and dreamy mood. It can be used for your production duties that require healing and relaxing constituent. It can serve as the soundscape for the footage of nature and the therapeutic scenes.
the steppe
the steppe This relaxing music with folk elements surround the steppe inhabitants. It sounds tambourine, accordion and violin, as well as other electronic instruments
Declaration of Love
Declaration of Love Optimistic, pop funk composition for corporate and home use. Decoration is a composition tool roll with vocals.
The virtuoso solo distortion guitar. Ideal for dance, sports movies, family photo album, corporate motivational presentations, advertising, film and television, YouTube and more.
Heartwarming Light, lyrical, modern, corporate composition for all your video and multimedia products. Fascinating live sound, solo instruments, enchant your soul. The composition is decorated with a soprano sax solo acoustic and clean guitars Fender and super drums.
Relax Light, relaxing, space track, a mixture of ambient and chillout. The perfect choice for background music to any project or business, advertising and film. Instrumentation: piano, synths, atmospheric sounds.
Inspiring Ambient
Inspiring Ambient Inspirational ambient background music featuring acoustic piano, gentle pads on the background, bass and drums. Perfect for corporate media, motivational videos, TV commercials, advertisements, media projects and podcasts, web videos, science and invention,medicine, pharmaceutical and high technology, corporate, marketing and other video production. Good luck to you in promoting your products and services!
Cyber lady
Cyber lady Interesting industrial rock track with synth, distorted guitars and choir.
Rain New Metal Sound
Savann Strong sound with thousands rays.for advertising, short films or videogames.
Emotional Piano
Emotional Piano A beautiful and emotional piano piece. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos and more.
Goodbye (Original mix)
Goodbye (Original mix) Very touching track, conveys a sense of great love. Feelings of despair and sadness. easy rhythm.
Deep space (Ambient mix)
Deep space (Ambient mix) Track about space, with hypnotic sound. This is ambient (unbeat) version of the "Deep space (Original mix)" track.
I Can Hear You
I Can Hear You Modern down-tempo chill track. Use synth pads and vocal samples. Modern soft beat.
Silencio New Age track ideal for modern jobs.
Sea Dragon
Sea Dragon Romantic, mystical, magical composition with new age and ambient elements.
Temp-120, Duration - 3:29
Dreams An inspiring, beautiful and emotional piece of music. Perfect for YouTube romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations, film projects, television… WAV+MP3
Barcelona Nights - Calles Con Encanto
Barcelona Nights - Calles Con Encanto Light romantic atmospheric track about love. This track is full of breathtaking melodies.
Enigma Mysterious, enigmatic music with eastern slope , with a bright melody and solo insertion in the final part
Outer Space Journey
Outer Space Journey An atmospheric new-age outer space ambiance with soft pads fills out the arrangement. Spacey, sci-fi and bizarre, Dreamy, flowing, positive. This beautiful track has a pastoral. Great for underwater / Outer Space Journey nature shows or levels in a video game.
Digital Dreams
Digital Dreams A positive and inspirational track featuring piano, synths and strings. Good for commercials, corporate presentations, advertising and multimedia.
Fly Over and Through Earth
Fly Over and Through Earth Fly Over and Through Earth
Sparks “Sparks” is a mellow ,calm track with a soft and a relaxing Texture with a dreamy piano. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
A Peaceful Day
A Peaceful Day A Peaceful Day is a slow calm and relaxing chillout track,,with a smooth and gentle piano with a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for background music to video or slideshow. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.