Alışveriş sepetiniz boş


Parting Forced separation from a return after a certain time
New horizon
New horizon positive energetic electronic instrumental music with its own charm and harmony, music symbolizes the victory of good over evil in their eternal fight
Chillout-Trance-House An uplifting and positive chill out-trance-house track, featuring acoustic piano, bright synths,smooth pads, flute and of course,powerful dance drum. It’s perfect for any project that requires a motivational backing such as corporate, documentary or film.
Air Wawe
Air Wawe Air Wawe
Disco on the beach (Trans version)
Disco on the beach (Trans version) Trans version of the disco on the beach, it's still not a bad dance version
Incredible Riding
Incredible Riding Great composition, which is suitable for games, movies, and maybe even to advertise :)
Gorilla meditation 120 bpm
Gorilla meditation 120 bpm Good background track for any video that brings meditative reflective mood. Topic can be about animals.
Featuring: electro bass, electro drums, strings, synth pads, guitar effects.
Fast Flow
Fast Flow Intensive, sublime and beautiful music for all kinds of media projects. This track mixes styles of hip-hop, trance and ambient. When creating the track, was used mainly synthesizers. Good luck everyone!
Sadness of the moon
Sadness of the moon A melody of a sad and lonely moon, a track with elements of psycho
Ethno Pop Trance
Ethno Pop Trance Rhythmic and very groovy music, saturated synthesizers sound as well sound electric guitar, rhythmical drums. The track can be used in almost any media project.
Sea breeze
Sea breeze Imagine the picture: a sunny day, the sea, light breeze and you quickly skim through the waves on a windsurfer. Joy, excitement and happiness takes hold of you. This state sends this track. Cheerful, rhythmic composition is ideal for games, relaxation, presentations and cinema. Enjoy!
Fast Dance!
Fast Dance!
Dance music, suitable for clubs or some events. Сheap song!
Wedding in a club Discotheque EDM
Wedding in a club Discotheque EDM It s the big day you are in the Church , bells are ringing the choir is here you are in honeymoon in IBIZA
Emergency Gate Fire Departement
Emergency Gate Fire Departement heavy strong score trance like the TV serie 911 leads and arpeggiators
Aaron Faster - Wake me up
Aaron Faster - Wake me up Track created for fans of electronic trance music.
Drug Night
Drug Night The track in the style of alternative trance with synthesized sounds and lyrical flute in the chorus.
Industry Industry is a positive track with nice groovy bassline, punchy electric drums and clear, melodic synths! Perfect for
aerobics, production, road movie, media, slideshow and many more!
Sprint Trance
Sprint Trance Nice Trance job!
Speed Trance
Speed Trance Cool and nice Trance work ;)
Air Technologies
Air Technologies Composition made in Techno style and creates an atmosphere of swiftness, energy, saturation, lightness.
In the track used neat, precise percussion, endlessly streaming bass, two "glass" solo electric guitar, various bubbling, steaming, impulsive synths.
Suitable for sports, academic, adventure, action scenes and other things.
May seem interesting - this music is recorded already in 1993, through the manipulation of magnetic tape and two old reel-to-reel recorders.
Dismay The composition, which transmits a state of frustration and anxiety
House An energetic and catchy dance club track with a powerful beat, synth sounds and uplifting melody.
Trance party
Trance party Cool Trance track
Summer Dance
Summer Dance Sumer Dance is energetic track perfect for summer patry and festival promotion video.
Fashion Sound
Fashion Sound Dynamic music, is ideal for fitness, aerobics, and fashion shows.
Eastern Techno
Eastern Techno Eastern Techno.
This is modern background techno tune.
Include: eastern melody, and progressive techno elements.
Add an energetic beat to your next project, and get your audience moving with Eastern Techno track.
Dreams Progressive trance track. consists of: deep basse line. aggressive kick, and easy melody.
Deep Progressive Intro Ver
Deep Progressive Intro Ver Progressive style, deep bass, and groovy drums.
Deep Progressive
Deep Progressive Progressive style, deep bass, and groovy drums.
Dark Illusions Intro Ver
Dark Illusions Intro Ver Deep melody, deep bass, and groovy drums.
All this elements you can find in this track.
Dark Illusions Short Ver
Dark Illusions Short Ver Deep melody, deep bass, and groovy drums.
All this elements you can find in this track.
Dark Illusions
Dark Illusions Deep melody, deep bass, and groovy drums.
All this elements you can find in this track.
Dance With Me
Dance With Me The track is perfect for dance radio show.
Long Journey
Long Journey Funny trance song. Can be used in videos.
Trance Logo
Trance Logo Trance Logo – synth, pads.
Infinity Fast electronic music,
created using synthesizers, sound effects, solo electric guitar,
Beautiful melody for scoring any goals
To Mars
To Mars Fast music in the cosmic dance style,
We use different electronic instruments,
sound effects
UFO Electronic music in the cosmic dance style,
The combination of electronic instruments and vocoder
sound effects,
Suitable for your projects, scoring for different ideas
April Music for your ideas and creativity
Space attack
Space attack Beautiful electronic music at a fast pace,
I use sound effects, electronic instruments, vocoder,
Good idea for the advertisement sound film, for different purposes
Thoughts It is a beautiful relaxing track. Emotional music is well suited for your projects in film and advertising.
A new beginning
A new beginning This track can be used for backgrounds and videos.
Relax Light, relaxing, space track, a mixture of ambient and chillout. The perfect choice for background music to any project or business, advertising and film. Instrumentation: piano, synths, atmospheric sounds.
Full moon
Full moon Anxious, a little gloomy music trance. The main instruments used here are: synthesizers, piano, percussion. An ideal choice for video, film, and more.
L&T Project - Night drive (Temiz edition)
L&T Project - Night drive (Temiz edition) progressive house, house, trance, 130 bpm, arpeggios, light symphony, background violin, good snare, percussion, bass
Hands are Wings
Hands are Wings This is new correct remix. In this arangement present free voise loops, NO VOKAL.
tear a dance floor
tear a dance floor electronic dance music, which fits perfectly into the party or club scene
Mystery world
Mystery world Emotional progressive-trance track with a very moving and exciting rhythm. Written specifically for the background design of various video projects, so ideal for your work.
I want
I want You cannot stop listen to this track. No-drums no-vocal experimental trance, mysterious melodie, weird distortion pad, talking electro bass.
Entering Music for your projects
Owls eyes
Owls eyes Hypnosis composition with a many abstractions. It is like a drown to subconscious. Instruments: synthesizer, drums. This sound great for relax, travel and contact Improvisation.
magic magic music under it good to play games or just dream magic sounds carry in unreality
my paradise
my paradise the music fits every mood trance, hypnosis, meditation sadness holiday music for people who love calm music under which you can relax
Spring wind (Original mix)
Spring wind (Original mix) Spring wind is not hot and not cold. Calm techno track!
Running man (Original mix)
Running man (Original mix) Uplifting techno or trance track. Running from the past in the future.
Goodbye (Original mix)
Goodbye (Original mix) Very touching track, conveys a sense of great love. Feelings of despair and sadness. easy rhythm.
Deep space (Original mix)
Deep space (Original mix) Track about space, with hypnotic sound, added a bit of acid. Conveys the atmosphere of the cold and mysterious space.
deep loop
deep loop An uplifting electronic dance music track with groovy basslines and soft sound.
Good luck for your work!
Old Gold
Old Gold This track is rhythm of space and sound of soul. Ideal for club, dancing, party and documentary movie also.
Skyward Professional hi-quality trance track with fat electro house bassline. Nice as a background for any dynamic video, maybe, on a night club or festival theme.
Dreams Dream, dream....There is nothing better than to dive into the world of dreams, completely disconnect from earthly bustle..
Night Road
Night Road Imagine, night, starry sky, you're driving.Outside the window smoothly change the silhouettes of the landscape, and ahead, in the headlights - the road at night!
Dreamer Elegant electronic dance tune featuring various synths,piano, drum machine and bass line. An unconventional melody performed with strings adds a particular feeling into this instrumental track. It combines elements of house, trance and chillout music. It could fit with many types of footage in background.
Turbolove-Lyric Mix
Turbolove-Lyric Mix action, advertise, beat, best, business, club, corporate, dance, drive, drum, electronic, guitar, happy, hot, house, joyful, modern, motivational, night, optimistic, party, positive, power, progressive, quake, score, strong, success, sythtension, uplifting, vibration, vigorous, warm, medium, tempo,
ay ay ay (Alex.N ED-Light Mix)
ay ay ay (Alex.N ED-Light Mix) Very quick, positive, bright, motivational track that will make dance and joy. Track equally well suited for the film, for commercial and home video, radio and television advertising, for presentations and more
Winter Road
Winter Road Energetic, romantic composition in the dance style with elements of trance.
Temp-120. Duration - 2:40
I Love You
I Love You Progressive trance track, with energetic main line, easy trance melody, and groovy percussion parts.
The call of Chtulhu
The call of Chtulhu A powerful energetic "wall of sound" instrumental opener with all the ingredients of an epic modern rock track: a delay guitars over powerful and energetic drums and overdrive guitars.
The track has a strong energy and is intended to attract immediate attention with a sense of glory and excitement.
Suitable for action sport events, big show announcements or spectacular product presentations.
The Death bells
The Death bells Fantasy ambient game music.
Trance Theme
Trance Theme Good track in style a trance, a fine melody it is emphasized with a magnificent piano and the synthesized Bass! Creates excellent and happy mood and loads with positive energy!
Four On The Floor
Four On The Floor “Four On The Floor” is uplifting and energetic basic House/Techno Track with two Parts. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Euro Dance Party Time
Euro Dance Party Time "Euro Dance Party "is a Upbeat and Modern, energetic electro-pop Euro style dance club,This track is full with electronic and hi-tech EFX, synth sweeps, stabs and rhythmic effects. Works well for fashion, MTV, catwalk, club, dancing, technology, party. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.