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ABOUT ezMediArt


ezMediArt is a Stock Media, Artist-Friendly, Community Marketplace. 

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Paradise, California, ezMediArt is providing digital imagery licensing, operating in 42 languages. We are a two-sided marketplace and our mission is to connect creative business professionals with the best photos, vectors, illustrations, video and music from contributors around the world.

Our contract is non-exclusive, and artists retain full rights to their work.

We offer a Global Marketplace of buyers who will be able to search for, preview, purchase, and download your products, online, 24/7.

ezMediArt is a quick and easy Marketplace for creators and artists. You can upload your materials, describe them, tag them with info, get the curator's approval and get paid for your work. It's that easy.

You set the price for your media. Buyers pay what you want them to pay, and you can change the price of your items whenever you like.
You keep 70 percent commission on all sales; unheard of and unbeatable in the stock industry.
You set your balance threshold for payout to receive monthly payments!

ezMediArt is committed to allowing the creator of media to keep the majority of profit on all sales. While this is unheard of in the general marketplace, we have strong beliefs that the creator should be the primary profiteer of his/her work, talent and efforts. Your earning potential will be unlimited as your portfolio grows. You will be given the opportunity for regular, ongoing income without the time constraints of maintaining a sales site.

Besides that, it's just fun to be here! If you are an artist, communicate with other talented artists through your own blog, comments, messages, reviews, and testimonials. A rich social networking opportunity.

If you have professional quality stock media, we will love to represent it! Join us, buy and sell with ezMediArt. 


ezMediArt, PO BOX 2272 Paradise, CA 95967, United States