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  ezMediArt - 12/30/2017 10:33:49

Dear Artists and Buyers,

With a New Year just around the corner, all of us at ezMediArt would like to take a moment to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! We hope that 2018 will bring you success and good fortune in everything you do.


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  ezMediArt - 11/23/2017 15:46:24

We wish you a lovely holiday, thank you for being with us!

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  ezMediArt - 10/23/2017 11:29:55

Zero problem with browsing on using Firefox. Download and enjoy

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  ezMediArt - 08/14/2017 14:33:31


When you upload Photo/Image in Photos category or Preview Image in Vector Graphics category our system will read and import the metadata IPTC from your uploading files and automatically fill the following fields in your submission:

1. Title *

* - If your IPTC metadata has both fields Title (up to 64 characters) and Headline the system imports Title.

If your IPTC metadata has Headline (up to 256 characters) and empty Title the system imports Headline as Title.

If both Title and Headline have no metadata the system imports File Name as Title.

2. Description (up to 2000 characters).

3. Keywords (up to 64 characters).

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  ezMediArt - 07/20/2017 11:17:34

We just made some design changes of the contributor's public profile page. Modern, clean, better. Enjoy!

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  ezMediArt - 08/10/2016 14:02:39

If PayPal is not available at your location you can still get your commission using Payoneer services. For that you need to set your Payoneer account here:

When you reach a minimum balance that you have set in your Commission Settings, ezMediArt will send you a reminder to Request a Payment of your current balance. After that you will need to fill out and send a "Request a Payment" form from your Payoneer account like in this example:

Payment will be deposited directly into your Payoneer account within 3-5 business days.

ezMediArt is committed to allowing the creator of media to keep the majority of profit on all sales. While this is unheard of in the general marketplace, we have strong beliefs that the creator should be the primary profiteer of his/her work, talent and efforts. Your earning potential will be unlimited as your portfolio grows. You will be given the opportunity for regular, ongoing income without the time constraints of maintaining a sales site.

To ensure you receive your payouts in a timely manner, please confirm that your payout preferences are current and up to date.

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  ezMediArt - 07/15/2016 18:59:15

Some music authors put a period at the end of their list of keywords, for example: "Cosmic, energetic, fast, relaxing."
If you do that, your track will not show up in the search result when someone searches for the word "relaxing". In this case, there is no word "relaxing" but only the word "relaxing." (with the period included at the end of the word).

There are other contributors who do not understand the importance of using a variety of keywords and only put a single word in the Keywords box. Seriously, how many chances does that track have to be found? Additionally, if you don't use our subcategories to specify what genre your track belongs, the chances of buyers finding your track becomes virtually zero. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and you're looking for a track for a particular project, for example, a corporate video presentation or a funny commercial. What words would you use in your search?

Another sore subject - the name of your files. Do not name your files in any alphabet except Latin. (No Russian, Ukrainian, or any other non-Latin based language). To separate words in your file names, you can use spaces, dashes, and underscores. That's it- absolutely no other character! (No brackets, dots, commas, colons, quotation marks, apostrophes, exclamation marks, etc.) Such files will not be accepted. Do not submit files with the name Untitled - it is unprofessional. The file name should be similar to the name of the title on your product page. Again, imagine a buyer who just bought your track with a title name of exactly what he is looking for, however after payment, when he downloads the file, he sees a different name from what he bought. This will cause major confusion for your buyer, not good customer service! We want happy customers.

Our goal is to help you be successful. Remember, when you do it right, it's easy!

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  ezMediArt - 06/17/2016 16:24:09

Sometimes your work might be rejected by ezMediArt, even though you successfully submitted them on another stock media site. We do not discuss or judge someone else's policy for acceptance. Our priority might be different than theirs. We are looking for commercial type of stock photography with a high potential to be sold to our buyers. We need quality not quantity. Most of our buyers modify images after purchase, and will therefore desire a high-quality, minimally manipulated, or RAW image to work with. Minor manipulation of photos must be to fix a problem, not to hide it. So, for example, when you blur your photo thinking it will make your photo better, it might actually make it worse because it doesn't make sense for using this effect; the alteration has to have a reason that makes your photo more usable. Manipulations usually put-off most of our buyers who do not want, for example, out-of-focus images. So please understand our priorities and do not be offended if your work is rejected.

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  ezMediArt - 06/11/2016 16:49:00

• Always use quality photos and targeted to the niche market you’re after
• Be creative and always try to improve your techniques.
• Analyze the want list of stock photography and make sure you adhere to the guidelines.
• Photos of people sell better than nature photos.
• Choose a few niche markets and stick to them.
• Find the biggest hole in this market and fill it.
• Experiment with photo types and what type of photo work on website.
• Read the fine print of contributor agreements.
• Always provide a model release when using photos depicting people, even in the case of photos depicting infants.
• Timing is extremely important as well. The celebration of major events such as Christmas or New Year are usually popular at that specific time of the year only.
• Promote your photos on other websites, like your personal portfolio site.
• Create effective titles, captions and tags.

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  ezMediArt - 06/11/2016 16:26:25


With the help of keywords you will greatly enhance the chances of selling your photos. Consider this process, a sort of mini SEO (search engine optimization). Without tags the website’s built in search engine can’t show an accurate result. If you get your keywords right, you greatly improve the chances of your photo being shown first in the search results. As with any other aspect of stock photography, look at your competition and start by analyzing popular tags.

Start with a keyword list that describes your photo:
Query these keywords on stock photo websites and see what comes up. If you found a photo that is similar to yours check that photo’s tags. Avoid using generic keywords such as dog or flower, because stock websites are saturated with these keywords, instead try to think of more specific tags such as “dobermann puppy”. If your photo illustrates people, again be specific and make sure you mention the mood of the people depicted: “Happy woman”.


Usually, 2 to 3 sentences is best for the description of a photo. If your photo illustrates a location make sure you mention it in your description (or in the photo title), and be as specific as you can.

Don’t write long descriptions, because it’s a fact that users are not reading website content, they scan it. Try to capture the essence of the things that your photo illustrates such as objects on the photo, the mood of the photo, and location when necessary.

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  ezMediArt - 06/11/2016 16:17:27


In order to maximize your chances of success, ensure that every photo you submit is top quality. Quality is the most important criteria on every stock photography site. Do not scale down your photos (making them into a smaller resolution) or scale them up (making them a higher resolution).


Be extremely careful how you modify your images in digital photo editors such as Photoshop. Don’t bother to submit over or under exposed images. Also avoid the following photographic errors if you can: lens flare, noise, high contrast and blurs. We normally reject these types of photos.


You should not, under any circumstances, upload photos which are not yours. Also, avoid submitting third party logos and trademarks of any kind. Avoid taking photos of military buildings as well as buildings and objects where the trademark is visible (e.g. photos of the Apple Store).

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  ezMediArt - 06/11/2016 16:02:05

The majority of successfully sold images contain people. Every statistical research conducted around photos shows that people are attracted to photos that show other people, instead of nature or abstract photos.

Keep in mind that in order for our stock to accept photos showing people you will have to upload model releases which include signed agreements.

Take a close look at some of the popular photos on ezMediArt as well as on other stock photo websites. You can learn what buyers are looking for and are willing to buy.

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  ezMediArt - 05/05/2016 00:54:07

Some of our contributors submit audio files with overloaded waveform where sound exceeds the limits. When the waveform has been clipped at the tops, it sounds distorted. To find out if the waveform of your WAV is overloaded you can simply open your file, for example, in Adobe Audition.

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  ezMediArt - 04/08/2016 12:55:11

We, the creators of ezMediArt, as well as the artists, photographers, designers and composers on our website sell our work on the web site. Everyone who sells earns a 70% commission including the artist creators of ezMediArt. The owners of the site are not paid, even though they work hard and put in hours to this web site. All income (30% of all sales) goes to server maintenance, hosting, advertising and sale transactions fee, not in the pocket of the owners. Listing your work on ezMediArt is absolutely free; you are only charged the 30% for sales! This is the significant difference between us and the rest of stock media industry. All authors are in the same equal financial position, which means all artists are, in a sense, the investors in making ezMediArt a success. There is no other marketplace on Earth that has been established to provide these great benefits!!!

So what's holding you back? Join us!

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  ezMediArt - 02/17/2016 18:41:04

Here at ezMediArt, we're not big fans of exclusive agreements. We work hard building this artist's marketplace with you in mind, no strings attached.

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